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Ron was so sweetly sleeping, I barely got him to eat the food I gave him, and then promptly passed out again. He's wonderful to watch, and I wonder why things are getting so perfect but continually being edged by strangeness. I think he is beginning to understand that there is another world beyond what even wizards will accept, a world that I seem to belong to. The world where thestrals speak and Snorkacks are believed. I worried I would never find someone who would understand and love me for that. I have begun dreaming what Ron dreams, or what others live, and the songs of earth have not left me, but gotten stronger as we near the encampment. I will speak to the thestrals tomorrow about when we will arrive, they have been a great help, and I can't wait till they meet their kin. I will fall asleep with Ron tonight, fall asleep next to the one whose gotten further inside my soul than any other, exception being Healer Wife or Shaman Father.

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