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today, today

Woke up lovely this morning, honestly, while I don't recommend the whole, enormously big bottle emptying itself into your tummy while you are a) karaoke-ing or b) playing two person spin the bottle, I do find that once in a while, to a point, you are allowed to become unable to stand upright for more than three minutes. Ron and I did get absolutely pissed last night, and it was GREAT! Fun, fun, fun. I loved it. I loved the Rum, which is now my new favorite liquour of choice. It's funny how two things in my life that I love a lot are headed with the letter 'R.' And then we slept and it was lovely! And then we had breakfast in bed and cuddled, and generally, the fun was in. I've read journals and it's utterly strange what has happened in this week of abscence. Does no one talk? Don't you know trust or anything? Is this primer school?


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