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cockle shells


I just crawled into bed, to find a handsome redhead in it, and I took a moment to realize my luck, and the luck that so many of us find and hold onto. He looks beautiful in sleep, my wonderful Sikea, flame of my soul.

Today was again marked with happiness, and joy for all that I share and all that I am continually aware of, for all the gifts I have received. I will write to Otaur and Reggi and Vic tomorrow, before I teach. After reading most of the Divination scrolls, it's pretty wonderful that the students seem to enjoy learning about different types as opposed to me teaching them something they might not have. A couple students came up to me with different questions, mostly, is there a person I know who can tell them if they are this or that. Most of them wrote intriguing journals and parchments on the particular one. I might try to contact Seishi, a colleague in Hokkaido.

Dinner with Ginny was lovely, we had Chinese, and Merlin knows how ecstatic I get with international cuisine. I guess I'm next for Veritaserum, and honestly, I'm not scared of getting asked questions. It's not like I can lie, and it's not like I would.

And on that, I am going to sleep.

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