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Trip Journal *no one can respond, sorry -- it's being hand written*


Today we started the journey to the tribe, which invariably moves all over the place, which is why the thestrals as a travel device are good. They provide much needed speed and the ability to find just about anything you need. Ron and I are currently making our way there, and I think I've broken down my responses to an outsider into three possiblities:

1)He followed me -- possibly good, but they could kill him.

2) He's here to protect me -- also possibly good, but utterly offensive and possibly, they might still kill him.

3) Break down and refer to him as my man, with emphasis. Their language is a vowel base, with only a few consonants (m, s, t, k), so if I say, "Aiua ka ai tawuae ma tieu Ron" they might be okay, they might even allow him to sleep in a tent, or induct him into the tribe. As long as I remember tawuae, instead of tawua, which would still mean they might kill him.

Ron seems to be getting better at riding, though I think brooms and apparating have spoilt him. Perhaps later I will show him how to properly ride, elsewise he may be to hurt to even walk.

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